The First Patented Doner Doner Robot in the Industry

// With 650 KG Capacity

We Are Pushing

Check out our products for the most accurate product choice in doner production in an industrial environment.


We are the world brand that leads the Doner Robots sector and directs the sector.

// Why Korkmaz Mekatronik?

Because We Have Too Many Pluses.

Everything Automatic

With the remote control, you can cut your doner with one button.

Limit Pushing Capacity

Savior of busy workplaces with a carrying capacity of 120 KG

Cut How You Want

Fast Food 120 Model with Circular and Straight cut options


Increased Heat Capacity

It is suitable for use with 5 Radians (Oven Heat Compartment), Natural Gas or Tube.

No angle problem

Real cut with our model that can reach up to 15 degrees angle

High Capacity

Maksimum Doner height is 75 cm, Max. Doner diameter is 46 cm.Minimum Workbench Width is 60 cm.

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Korkmaz Elektromekanik

Innovative Solutions for Your Business and Perfect Design for Your Health.

Korkmaz mechatronic doner robots perform the cutting thanks to their high technology. From chicken to turkey, from lamb to beef, you can enjoy excellent results in all kinds of different types of meat and minced meat, as well as in mixed meat cuts.

While the Doner Robot provides perfect cuts with its artificial intelligence in all cutting and frying processes, it maximizes the user experience thanks to its LCD screen.

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